Step by Step Training

How To Manage Fee/Concession

Step 1

  1. While editing when you can assign fee concession to any student by clciking on the Fee/Concession tab.
  2. First of all you need to Add New Record from the right side bar with Concession, Date From and Date To etc .
  3. It will add the record in the List Of All Student Conession.
  4. You can change the record such as Mode and Type etc in this list and update the record by clicking on the Update All.
  5. You can add detail remarks about the concession in the Concession Remarks.
  6. You can delete any record by clicking on the Delete under Action dropdown from both List and Remarks.

Step 2

  1. you can add fee structure to any student by clicking on the Fee Structure.
  2. Add the Type, Amount from the Add Student Fee Account.
  3. Click on the Add Record to save the fee structure.
  4. The record will be saved to List Of All Student Fee Structure and you can update data from there too.
  5. You can Delete any record you want.

Step 3

  1. You can set the settings from Default Fee Settings by clicking on the Fee Settings.
  2. Choose Default Tuition Fee for Student from the Default Fee Settings and Click on Save/Update.